Skydiving In Arizona
There are a number of drop zones in Arizona, each has their pros and cons.

Skydive Arizona

One of the largest drop zones in the country and is based in Eloy.
  • Large Turbine fleet during winter
  • Packers for Hire
  • Load Organizers
  • Tandems
  • Grass landing areas
  • School for beginner and advanced
  • Boogies
  • Open during the week (Closed mid week in peak of summer)
  • Wind tunnel on site
  • On site bunkhouse (Cost) , RV hookup (Cost), free camping
  • Bar, restaurant and gear store
  • Covered packing area
  • Halfway between Phoenix and Tuscon
  • Can easily do 5 to 10 jumps in a day depending how fast you pack. More with a packer and two rigs.

  • Large Crowds
  • Two landing areas (Experienced and beginner) too close together with a death corner if wind from south west
  • Very Clicky - can be difficult to get to know people - Too many "Sky gods"
  • Tandems are the most expensive in AZ and you get treated like a number as it's go go go.
  • Student (AFF) is the most expensive in the state.
  • A Lot of international teams during winter that are very arrogant
  • Crowded skys under canopy and many "Sky gods" that think they are above the rules.
  • Very impersonal.

    Additional Notes: Despite the belief that Skydive Arizona owns all of their fleet, the majority of their aircraft are actually leased (Despite the Skydive Arizona graphics). These aircraft get leased to drop zones up north for the summer, leaving the actual smaller fleet for summer.

    Skydive Phoenix

    The next largest drop zone in Arizona, base out of Estrella Sail port just out of Maricopa. Also the closest to Phoenix.

  • Fleet of Cessna 182 and Cessna 206 year round
  • Turbine Cessna Caravan for Fall to Spring
  • Covered outdoor packing area, small indoor AC packing area.
  • Tandems - one of the best prices in Arizona
  • School for beginners - best package price for ASP/AFF levels in AZ
  • Fun Jumpers all welcome
  • Large Desert landing area, but irrigation and grass has been added so this will change soon.
  • Camping allowed on site, also drop zone house in Maricopa for staff and students if needed.
  • Fun jumps such as inflatables, hoop dives and other activities happen often
  • Beer Rules apply for all Firsts
  • Very friendly for military personal as the owner is a Retired Marine.
  • Fun jumpers can get 4 to 8 jumps on a weekend day when the caravan is running if they are motivated. Less in summer.

  • Turbine heads north for summer so only Cessna 182 and 206 for summer (Suitable for tandems only)
  • A/C packing area for Tandems and student gear as first priority.
  • No packers for hire (Unless they are not packing tandems or student gear)
  • No food or cold drink for sale on site, have to drive to Maricopa.
  • Somewhat disorganized so loads may be delayed, videos misplaced or delayed etc.

    Desert Skydiving Center

    Tandems, Students and fun jumpers. I have not been there yet so cannot comment.

    Red Rock Skydiving

    Tandems, Students and fun jumpers. I have not been there yet so cannot comment, but scenery is magnificent.

    Phoenix Area Skydiving

    Located in Casa Grande.
    Strictly a tandem operation. From what I have seen they are very organized as a tandem operation.

    Cost comparisons may change, bat at the time of creating this page the information was correct.